Poiana Brașov, the perfect place for Winter Sports!

Local authorities have realized that everything based on winter tourism dependents in Brasov on mountain Postavaru. Thus, investments have been made which will be two more ski cable cars to reduce traffic. In addition, the resort Poiana Brasov will have the greatest artificial snow in the country. To extend the ski area is the elimination of congestion on the slopes of Drumul Rosu and Sulinar. It also aims widening tracks and ‘sweeten danger zones”. Installation of artificial snow aims not only to guarantee the ski season, but also to extend it.

Plateau Ruia was arranged as an artificial lake with a storage capacity of 120,000 cubic meters of water, and nearby there will be a pumping station. The total length of the artificial snow installation will be 18 km. Experts say that in Postavaru for one hectare of heavy snow with a layer of 35 centimeters, would require 1,500 cubic meters of water. For “corrections” would be needed about 1,300 cubic meters of water per hectare. Total heavy snow ski area should be completed in less than 70 hours.

Priority will always be the Sulinar and Drumul Rosu slopes. The total area that will be artificially snowed reach up to 60 hectares. The largest ski area occupies the slope Lupu, 13.8 hectares. Kanzel most difficult track in Poiana Brasov, will not have artificial snow and will not be rehabilitated. Lake Platoul Ruia will have an area of 14,000 square meters; the maximum depth is 13 meters. At full capacity, the installation of artificial snow in Poiana Brasov will consume 900 cubic meters of water per hour. At the top of the ski area will find mobile cannons, very easy to handle. In total Postavaru will have 236 lances 46 guns and 9 hybrid machines.

Slope Lupu, who was once the best known slope in Poiana Brasov Resort, was rehabilitated at the bottom to allow tourists to make complete rides, down to the base of the mountain. Also parts of Sulinar were widened by 6 meters. In addition, this track will be a link that will strap on the top slope Bradul. Drumul Rosu was expanded both in piece Kanzel cable car descending from upper gondola lift to the station and from Cabana Postavaru to Platou Ruia. Manufacturer, company Vectra pledged to remove stones that have scared tourists so far.

On Lupu, tourists can reach the lower cable car station Ruia through a connecting strap.

Because the ski area will increase, authorities will purchase five cars to beat the snow and make it perfect. Ruia chairlift has six seats, and is below the lower station Poienita Cristian. The transport capacity will be 2,400 persons per hour. Lupu will have a fixed chairlift with 4 seats, and will carry 1,600 tourists in an hour.

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