From Cristian to Braşov, from Braşov to Bran and so on…

Christian Land of Eternity, it is a jewel hidden among the mountains waiting anxiously to be discovered and shine with force whenever someone treads its threshold. Here, Saxon history and craftsmanship is alive in every wonderful house and every corner of the earth, retaining the ancient beauty that our dear ancestors appreciated so much.

Resort Ambient is the new jewel of the dream land, has the most comfortable rooms and is built in traditional Romanian style by our family with all the dedication and attention for our guests.We wish you to have the most beautiful experiences of life here, once you arrive at our house and remember them forever, tell your kids wonders about this unique place and come back to it whenever you get the chance.

Located in a privileged position Resort Ambient is the perfect place to start the excursions in the surroundings of Cristian of an impressive beauty that will leave you breathless.

From here it is only 15 minutes by car to Brasov, one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Here you can admire from Piata Sfatului, the heart of ancient Brasov, the joyous lives of people who walk through the streets full of history.

You can choose to go down the Republicii Street, the main street of the city or the Muresenilor Street, just as charming or you can simply stay in Piata Sfatului and contemplate incessantly The Black Church, a dark imposing building, which is at the top of the goals to visit in Brasov.

The Black Church, a Gothic building and one of the symbols of Brasov, has this color due to the fire of 1689 that spread throughout the city and has transformed it into a ruin.

With the exception of Turkey, the Black Church has the largest collection of eastern carpets in Europe, dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. In the tower of the Black Church exists the biggest movable bell of Rumania, with a weight of approximately 6000 kg.

From here, you can reach in two minutes with the Cable Car to the top of the Tampa mountain, where you can enjoy excellent views of the city.

If we return to Cristian and continue for 15 minutes we arrive at Bran where lives part of the history, the intrigue, the myth and the magic of this wonderful and unique place in Transylvania visiting Castle of Dracula, that has happened to be a military fortress of Defense to be subject to the most famous works of Gothic literature written by the Irishman Bram Stocker.

We recommend not to miss the visit to Bran Castle and we retire now to avoid the light of the sun and at night we will go out again to tell other great stories.

We wait for you with affection,

Ambient Team

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