9 things to know about organizing a wedding

1. When you start planning the event

The moment you have decided to unite your destiny will be when your ideas about this event will escalate. For example: wedding theme, budget, location, wedding dress, the provisional list of guests, choosing bridesmaids, contracting local church or civil status registration are just steps preceding the event.

2. 6 months before the wedding

The period is crucial before the wedding because all major tasks are on the spotlight.
Choosing invitations, hunting gown and bridesmaid dresses, planning the honeymoon and reservations, contact the florist, a wedding photographer, makeup artist and a hair stylist. During this period begin to check points in the checklist. Also remember to make arrangements for entertainment (band, DJ, etc.) and transport wedding day.

3. During the five months before the wedding

Is the time that most things will materialize, which means that you will sign contracts with suppliers. For example you negotiate menu, you order cake and cookies, and you plan the bachelor party and also go to samples kept.

4. 3 months before the wedding day

You have to make appointments in several places. Most of them would cover tasks like buying wedding rings, accessories for dress / suit, print invitations, selecting wedding flowers, writing vows, complete menu and ordering testimony. Also remember to buy clothing items that you will also need (ex .: underwear). Basically it is the best time to watch with wedding vendors how everything is working.

5. 2 months befor the event

In this time period, you must meet with everyone who is involved in organizing the wedding. Suppliers should be first on the list. If you’re a bride must go to makeup and hair samples and the latest cuts for the wedding dress. Also during this time, sending invitations and wedding details it’s a must.

6. A month before the wedding day

It is when you focus on smaller tasks, but the details matter enormously and you have allocated time for them. It is a must to check all bookings including the honeymoon. Go to a final test to ensure that the cloths suits you.

7. 2 weeks before ..

2 weeks before the special day, you should complete the settlement plan meals and confirm menu. You can check how the decorations are, make a photo shoot before the wedding and print the thank you gift cards.

8. A day before the wedding rings …

You can give your rings to your bridesmaids and the best man. Check outfits and accessories. Keep in touch with people who will help organize. Take a look at the final honeymoon luggage, check passports and tickets. Finally, relax and enjoy your last day as a bachelor with your families.

9. It was a short list, which we hope will provide additional information. Also, please check out our locations for events with capacity for 210 people, swimming pool and outdoor courtyard, Saxon rustic décor and ambience. You may find something special.

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