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Ambient Hotels is a hotel chain formed more than 20 years.

Currently, we have opened 6 locations, 3 in Brasov and other 3 in the village of Cristian, Brasov.
Our kitchen story is a special one. We have adapted the requirements and together with the team of cook’s we have established the preparations and menu for each location.

Because every hotel is different and has specific types of tourists with different needs;
Also the requirements are different so does the menu in each location.

The Hotel’s restaurant offers an extensive culinary offer, which includes traditional Romanian cuisine and the best international cuisine. Guests can enjoy room service from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm and a full breakfast buffet is available each morning

High professionalism, dedication and passion for cooking make each of our preparations unique and exquisite.
We always do our work with pleasure and we succeed in all occasions to turn a simple lunch or dinner into an experience so enjoyable and surprising for guests.

We invite you to try our dishes, prepared by Star chefs awarded and recognized
Our specialty: duck breast with orange sauce and dessert, chocolate fondant.

The Mansion restaurant kitchen offers a comprehensive menu and the ability to mesmerize you with the traditional dishes. High professionalism, dedication and passion for cooking makes each of our preparations to be unique, refined and preserve the taste of history combine with modern.

We enjoy our work, always because we succeed in all occasions to transform a simple lunch or dinner in a pleasant experience for our guests.

We invite you to feel the taste of authenticity serving our preparations with specific, Goulash with spaetzle and aromatic dessert in the shape of an Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce or a baked Apple with cinnamon, honey, coconut and ice cream.

A third restaurant, located in the Saxon village Cristian, represents the pride of Resort Ambient. With a capacity of 210 people that makes it a major centre of events, contribute to the authenticity of the area and of course traditional dishes in the menu.

The recipe of lamb marinated as a main course and the absolutely delicious dessert of plums pie will delight your senses.
Here is the wonderful place where skilled cooks will make you happy about this mix of food and tastes.

Welcome Home! Whatever choice you make, we’ll be happy to serve you!

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