What can we do in winter in Brasov?

What can we do in winter?

The joy of snow and the city lights during winter in Brasov it’s something you can’t miss. Buy a mulled wine or a hot chocolate and walk around exploring. You may fall in love with a small square, perhaps a lighted area, you can create memories in a special place and anyway, you will enjoy this city,

Winter sports season? Checked!

8 km away from Brasov is situated the famous mountain resort Poiana Brasov.
Perfect weather for sports and mountain slopes, will be the perfect occasion of adrenaline. What are you waiting for? Get your ski or snowboard equipment or you can rent the equipment. Come and test your limits!

Serve meal in town

Meals are ready to be served during this chilly season. The feast should be present during this period. Whether you choose a refined evening with the most sophisticated dishes, or choose to celebrate with traditional dishes, Brasov is welcoming you every time with pleasure.

Ambient Group comes with an extraordinary program called Ambient Exclusive.
This benefit is granted for tourists that are staying in our hotel and consists of granting substantial discounts at partner restaurants in Brasov.

Photos, pictures and and again pictures

Capturing the town, built at the beginning of the mountain is something you do instinctively. Whether you’re passionate about photography or you are here just for visiting the city covered with white snow will inspire you. Discover the city with your soul. You’ll fall in love!

Christmas gifts for you and your loved ones

Nothing compares with the joy of a shopping session or the joy of finding the perfect gift and at the end you can celebrate with some hot chocolate.

If you completed the shopping session why not gather your friends and watch a movie at cinema.
Maybe it’s one of the best moments to live the magic of film.

Visit this beloved city

One of the reasons why you can not get bored of Brasov is that you can explore.
The heart of the city is living today through the preserved old buildings and monuments along the history. Fortress walls represent the ribs of the city and cold mountain air, the healthy lungs. Get lost and find what you did not know exist.

Museums part of our lives

Brasov offers many alternatives in terms of the cultural institutions, and if you are not decided where to go today, Brasov has eight major museums that you can start today to visit.

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