Prejmer fortified church

Prejmer fortress that houses the fortified church is one of the best preserved fortifications in Europe and the oldest monument in Brașov, being inscribed on UNESCO Heritage list hoteles.

The fortress was built in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights in the Gothic style. To defend against Turkish invasions, the inhabitants, originally saxons, built in the XV century the fortress walls. Fortress has the shape of a circle surrounding the Evangelical Church, with 12 meters high walls and 3-4 meters thick. The fortress was attacked 50 times by the Turks. Prejmer fortress is the only tourist attraction in Romania that received three stars in the Michelin Green Guide, for tourism. Black Church in Brașov received two stars and has the same distinction and București.

The church houses one of the oldest shrines in Transylvania, painted in the XV century, and many other unique attractions. Fortress Prejmer is the oldest fortified church from Ţara Bârsei. One of the attractions is the hive of tiny chambers. There are basically 274 small rooms, one for each family in the village. Room number was the same as the house, so they are all numbered. Also Străjii road near the city walls is well preserved, and in other fortifications no longer exists. There is also the organ of death, which is basically a board with five guns on one side and five on another, which was spinning and became a real gun. Prejmer fortress is one of the few sights that were not destroyed by the communists. Between 1960 and 1973, the Romanian government signed an investment of 18 million lei for its restoration. Since 1992 the city belongs to the Transylvanian Saxons Foundation.

The legends of the Citadel

Legend says that in one of the barbarian invasions, a Tartar was hit in the head by one “iron tooth” of gates and his head was so strong that ended up breaking it. So this is the explanation to the existence of a “toothless” iron door within the city. Another legend, known in most medieval cities from ╚Üara B├órsei said that if a couple was arguing they was punished to stay together in the “chamber of reconciliation”. The couple were forced to survive with only one dish and one bowl. This “conviction” inevitably led to reconciliation of spouses.

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