Team Building Activities in Braşov

Fall activities, included team-building type, are a must for the benefit of your company, so we thought about some suggestions of games and we also proposed the location.

At 10 km from Brasov, awaits a Saxon settlement.
Resort Ambient Brasov promises the perfect environment for optimum outdoor activities and indoor with a capacity of 120 persons.
The location has both indoor and outdoor ping pong table, pool table and a perfect garden.

After you become familiar with the place, we offer beginning, creative type of games or fun to solidify the interaction between colleagues.

Greeting is necessary to strain the participants before starting any activity. No matter how relaxing is it, some participants can feel uncomfortable in the presence of people who don’t know them so well. Therefore, the greeting is the first step towards the relations between them. The greeting may consist in the presentation of each participant, in creating nicknames or the embodiment of some characters, so in this way the atmosphere will be increasingly more light.

Teams are made outside work and must take place in such way that it does not coincide with those whom we interact daily at work. This is important for creating new connections and interpersonal relationships.

The flags represent symbols and are suitable for any type of team. Flags will have to be created by team members and will include team names, colors, slogan and representative nature of the workplace.

Karaoke – this activity helps relieve and relax the spirit. The karaoke participants will be divided into groups and will receive a song. This activity can helps the company recognize employees talent.

Mimic – this well-known game can be played with your colleagues, introducing all the participants in a cheerful atmosphere. Each team must mimic the words or phrases provided by other participants, but using body language and imitate certain behaviors. It is forbidden to use voice in this game. The winning team is the one who guesses the phrase or word.

Culinary art – this activity is not a classical cooking, but involves sculpting of objects or animals from fruits, vegetables and other ingredients.

Cocktail party-participants will be divided in teams and will have to prepare cocktails that have a pleasant taste, a very particular aspect and a presentation better than the other group. The team with the best cocktail is going to win the contest.

Stories in pictures – participants will receive a series of photos from the trainers. With their help, they will have to present stories related with teammates.
Big picture – this work also requires teamwork, as well as all of the above. Members of each team will use brushes, paints and various instructions to paint a specific portion of a picture. Participants must paint their own part so that lines and colors will match with the other teams.

We are waiting for you!

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